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33,000 sq/ft
of racked warehouse space

16,500 sq/ft
of floor space

on-hand assistance

A key element of our success has been the ability for our customers to centralise their operations by using our services. We offer truly integrated solutions and, for many of our customers, provide a start-to-finish service.  

Our warehouse facilities are located in a prime geographical region, providing direct access to major distribution lanes such as the A13 and M25. We are in close proximity to the largely developed London Gateway Port and we are less than 15 miles from Central London. Our storage solutions include bulk storage, racked storage, container devanning, picking, packing and Amazon Fulfilment. All options are available on a short or long term basis depending on the requirements of your business.

Specialists warehousing solutions in the Kent, Essex & London Area

Our depot is based in Purfleet, Essex. It is strategically located close to the M25 and A13. The network of major roads, access to the southern docks and close proximity to central London enables us to provide your business with the ideal distribution routes. Our prime location and reliable distribution solutions will give your business a strong competitive advantage whilst maintaining cost effectiveness.

What can FTS group offer you and your business?

If you choose to rent storage space with the FTS Group, it means that you will no longer have to commit to large amounts of capital managing properties, paying insurance and staff – saving you time and money. This will enable you to focus on the upscaling and development of your business.

We prioritise quality, safety and security when it comes to our clients and their goods. FTS Group have worked with a range of start-up e-commerce companies as well as national and international businesses. If you’re looking for safe and secure storage solutions – here is what we can offer you:

✔ Manned 24-Hour Security
Short/Long-Term Flexibility Plans

Competitive Prices
24-hour Support Line

Tractability and Control
Mechanical and Manual Loading

Warehousing -Stock over-spill solutions - FTS Group

We can provide immediate solutions for stock over-spill even at peak seasonal periods, allowing you to keep your stock at a manageable level. The warehouse has a yard on the side of the building accommodating additional car park over-spill and overnight short term/long term HGV parking.

Benefits of our stock over-spill solutions:

Online inventory and stock control system

✔ Goods are stored in a dry and clean environment

18 HGV parking bays – safe stay available for units, trailers and trampers


The FTS Group fleet consists of over 20 vehicles ranging from 3.5T up to HGV1, which goes hand in hand with the warehousing and pallet storage solutions. For additional value, we offer exclusive rates to our warehouse customers that choose to seamlessly integrate with our distribution services.

Our distribution solutions benefits include:

20+ vehicle fleet available for distribution

Goods will be unloaded carefully via hand or forklift

Goods are inspected prior to delivery to ensure quality, discrepancies will be reported

Warehousing -24 hour assistance - FTS Group

Our 24-hour operational support line ensures that your goods are delivered with excellence and any issues or concerns you may have are resolved efficiently. Should you have any concerns you will be able to contact your personal account manager at any time, day or night.

24 -Hour assistance service includes:

24-hour operational support line

Personal account manager – available to you 24/7, 365 days of the year

17+ years of industry experience on hand to offer expert advice

Frequently Asked warehousing Questions

How competitive are FTS Group rates?

Our rates will depend on the volume of goods you wish to store and the duration you wish to store them. We understand the value of premium storage space in our area, and we also understand that most decisions within businesses are driven by cost and suitability. We like to focus on how we can add value not just centred around initial cost, but also how we can streamline your business to provide overall efficiencies and long term benefits.

I require distribution services for my pallets – can you centralise this operation for me?

We offer integrated general haulage and pallet distribution services. We have a large fleet of vehicles and we operate two pallet network services, meaning that we can get your pallets where you need them, when you need them. We offer a composite storage and distribution service that has proven extremely valuable to existing customers.

What are your security measures?

We value the security of our client’s goods. Therefore, we have numerous security systems in place. Our facial recognition CCTV covers every inch of our grounds and our state of the art intruder alarm system is operational every minute the site is unmanned.

How accessible are my goods?

We pride ourselves on accessibility and flexibility. We offer services based on flexible solutions because, like our own, we understand how dynamic businesses can be. Our team are always on hand to assist and this has proven extremely valuable to our existing customer base. If you need your stock, it’s accessible – no ifs or buts.

Are You paying an unjustifiably high rate for your current storage solution?

If you’re currently renting storage place elsewhere, you may be paying an unjustifiably high rate. It’s always worth exploring other storage solutions – see how much you could save by speaking to one of our advisors. Get your commercial quote from FTS Group today!

Our flexible plans, at competitive prices, are developed to accommodate your business. We don’t just offer you an empty space, we offer an indispensable service designed around you. For more information, give us a call on 020 8507 2020 Ext. 383

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